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  1. Monero has a volume of 900 thousand dollars and this feature makes Monero a very important prestige.
  2. The wallet address of the crypto money can make the user traceable. Because even if the crypto money itself cannot be tracked, the wallet account software has traceable systems. But the same is not true for the Monero Wallets. Unlike others, Monera has a system that can completely hide the wallet code. This guarantees anonymity.
  3. Monero mining is active. The system has made mining more difficult with some updates on mining since 2014.
  4. Monero mining has a narrower pool than others. There are only 38 known pools in the world where you can perform mining.
  5. Monero does not have a block limit. In this way, those who prefer to make mining feel more freer.
  6. Unlike other crypto currencies, in Monero, there is no constant price fluctuation. The reason for this is that Monero mining is difficult.
  7. Monero is not recommended for people who will generally use crypto currency for the first time. Because the non-traceability situation can make it difficult for investors to follow the business for the first time.
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XMR, which was launched in April 2012 and has different features than other virtual crypto currencies, is symbolized as XMR. Cryptonote is the company that launched XMR . Bitmonero is another virtual currency with similar features to XMR, which is the result of a number of disputes within the company. XMR, which is used by people who are absolutely untraceable and therefore prefer anonymity, is special among the altcoins with this feature. More detailed answers to the What is Monero question can be found later in the article.

How To Buy Monero?

If you ask how to buy Monero, you can just go Bittrex, Bitfinex, Hitbtc ve Binance or other websites just like them.